Java and Android

springboot, hibernate, websphere, tomcat, android

Artificial Intelligence

generative models, machine learning

GIS - Geographical Data

geographical data, postgis, maps, tiles

Relational Databases

Oracle, DB2, Postgresql

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GeoNames is a global geographical database with a wiki style edit interface.

  • free and premium data download
  • over 30 REST webservices
  • liberal cc-by data licence
  • sourcing national mapping agencies
  • easy user contributions
  • 1700 quality checks
  • confirmation process for relevant modifications
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Fabelix is a storytelling application for children. It uses various AI technologies to generate, illustrate and read stories to children. Implemented for Android, available on Google Play.

  • create your own stories with voice,text or figures
  • listen to stories from library
  • improve text comprehension with multiple-choice quiz
  • improve language skills in 6 languages (English,German,French,Italian,Spanish and Polish)
  • share your stories with friends
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