Products and Projects

Our second pillar is centered around our innovative projects, where we actively explore the latest technologies and trends. These ventures serve as our testing ground, allowing us to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.


GeoNames is a global geographical database with a wiki style edit interface.

  • free and premium data download
  • over 30 REST webservices
  • liberal cc-by data licence
  • sourcing national mapping agencies
  • easy user contributions
  • 1700 quality checks
  • confirmation process for relevant modifications
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Fabelix is a storytelling application for children. It uses various AI technologies to generate, illustrate and read stories to children. Implemented for Android, available on Google Play.

  • create your own stories with voice,text or figures
  • listen to stories from library
  • improve text comprehension with multiple-choice quiz
  • improve language skills in 6 languages (English,German,French,Italian,Spanish and Polish)
  • share your stories with friends
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